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hot runner Systems


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Warranty and Compensation

The general warranty conditions set forth below are published on the website of Asso Srl. Once customers place an order, Asso Srl considers said conditions as read and accepted.

Asso Srl. guarantees the hot runner system against defects for a period of one year (twelve months) from the date in which Asso Srl dispatches the product.

Pursuant to and in accordance with these warranty conditions, Asso Srl’s sole obligation is to repair, or replace if appropriate, any faulty parts in the hot runner system. Asso therefore undertakes to remedy any imperfection that is the consequence of a defect in the design, the materials used or the manufacturing processes. Asso Srl may, at its discretion, replace a product, only in the event that it cannot be repaired.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Repair or replacement of the product for normal wear and tear, or for damage caused by the operator or by third parties during normal working operations,
  • Damage to parts that are fragile as a result of the very structure of the product, as requested by the customer, if this is specifically provided for in writing between the parties,
  • Damage caused by failure to apply the necessary maintenance and functioning procedures set out in the manuals supplied to the customer, or deriving from changes made to the product without the written consent of Asso Srl. The product manuals are supplied on delivery, and are considered to have been read and accepted,
  • Leaks and/or breakages resulting from defects during assembly and/or from systems being installed in premises other than those indicated in the project specifications, which may in turn cause: damage to persons, goods and/or equipment, breakdowns in processing, delays and slowdowns in production, loss of earnings,
  • The use of the machinery in ways other than those indicated in the project specifications, including the moulding of polymers other than those the hot runner was designed for,
  • The use of a press unsuitable for the project specifications,
  • Transport costs and local taxes on sales applicable to the parts replaced or repaired,
  • Expenses resulting from adjustments required to bring the product into line with local standards or codes.

In the event spare parts are requested for replacement while the product is under warranty, Asso Srl reserves the right to deliver said parts only after the customer has appropriately packaged and returned the faulty or damaged parts, at their own expense, to Asso Srl’s premises. All materials for which replacement is requested must be correctly identified by their receipt codes, with an indication of the defect found and the number of the hot runner or individual nozzle.

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