The distributors produced by ASSO, designed within its own technical office, are subjected to a thermal Fem simulation which allows for minimise energy waste as well as guaranteeing millions of work cycles. Shaped and optimised resistances from the point of view of heat exchange are used to homogenise the temperature of the hot runner. They are also easily replaceable thanks to a simple fixing system.
The internal channelling is performed with special deep drilling machines that allow perfectly polished channels to be obtained. The closing caps of the channels are perfectly connected and can be subsequently disassembled for cleaning or maintenance of the dispenser itself. Also available in stainless steel to use polymers with acid attack.
Standard units of ASSO distributors are in stock. Specific customer requirements are available on request.

Extreme design versatility by the customer

1/2/4 cavity versions available in stock

Excellent thermal efficiency with consequent energy savings