The FAST shutter systems are used to produce parts where the aesthetics of the injection point is required, for high production moulds with very fast moulding cycles.

They excel in both the vending and cutlery sector where performance is maximised. These systems allow the process of low viscosity and low melting polymers such as PP, PS.

  • It requires thermoregulated zones only on the hot runner

  • injector / mould thermal separation guaranteed by the presence of the tip holder bushing and the rear shutter assembly bushing (particulars patented)

  • reduction of cooling times

  • high operational reliability with simple maintenance interventions without production stops

  • easy installation on the mould

  • realisation of systems also in stack mould version with centre distance with a minimum pitch of 32 mm

  • standardised configurations with 12, 32, 48, 64 and 96 cavities