ASSO SRL has expanded its range of nozzles with the version being able to be screwed directly to the hot chamber.

Bearing in mind the multiple market demand and a reduction of management costs, these type of injectors complete the new PKX series designed for the packaging sector and the now established FLX series.

Hot runner systems with screwed nozzles are delivered ready to install and are prewired. Using these injectors both in the mould design phase and in their thickness dimensions, requires consideration of the minimum length constrained by the distance from the centre of the mould in order to compensate for the thermal expansion of the hot runner system.

10 V-VF-VL-T-TF-P-C-L-D 50 / 80
VO-TO-PO 40 / 65
20 V-VF-VL-T-TF-P-C-L-D 600 / 800
VO-TO-PO 500 / 670
26 V-VF-VL-T-TF-P-C-L-D 1300 / 1600
VO-TO-PO 1000 / 1250

(*) The classification of polymeric materials in relation to MFR (Melt Flow Rate) values ​​and the maximum weight of the mold expressed in grams [g] are purely INDICATIVE considering the countless variables that affect these values. For more information, please contact our Technical Department or the appropriate agent in your area.