ASSO has expanded its range of nozzles with the PKX series, designed for the packaging sector and specific for hot half systems.
Thanks to its efficient energy profile and its high thermal stability, it ensures the maximization of the quality of the pieces produced and satisfies the need for injection on thin-thickness parts, high injection speed and high productivity.
The geometry of the three different length tips allows an effective conditioning of the area surrounding the injection point, a typical feature in packaging moulds.
Available in two sizes PKX05 and PKX10, allowing the right ratio between nozzle and part to be produced.

05 +00 5 (SOLO POLIMERO CON MFR 30 > 100)
05 +05 +10 15 (SOLO POLIMERO CON MFR > 100)
10 +00 60 (SOLO POLIMERO CON MFR 30 > 100)
10 +05 +10 80 (SOLO POLIMERO CON MFR > 100)

(*) The classification of polymeric materials in relation to MFR (Melt Flow Rate) values ​​and the maximum weight of the mold expressed in grams [g] are purely INDICATIVE considering the countless variables that affect these values. For more information, please contact our Technical Department or the appropriate agent in your area.